FAQs, Tech Tips, and Product Instructions

Will aftermarket parts void my warranty?
What does "E36, E46, F30, etc." mean?  What "E" / "F" / "G" / "I" code is my BMW?
What are the BMW Engine Codes?
What is the difference between OE and OEM?
What is TUV and why does it matter?
TMS Vehicle/Emissions Waiver
TMS Vehicle/Emissions Waiver (for a shop/dealer/wholesale account)

Body & Exterior
BMW roundel emblem install

Brake Pad Buying Guide
Brake Rotor Buying Guide
Brake Fluid Differences
F30 320i/328i Brake Package Differences
F30 335i Brake Package Differences

Custom Differential FAQs

What are the BMW Engine Codes?
E82/E9X N51 SULEV vs. N52 LEV
E39 M5 Carbon Build-Up In Secondary Air Pump System

E60 M5 SuperSprint Exhaust Installation 

aFe Air Filter Cleaning Instructions
E60 M5 Adjusting the HUD Level
P3 Cars Integrated Vent Gauge

Worksheet for Ordering Custom Camber Plates
BMW Motorsport Group N Parts
E82, E90, E92, E93 Front Swaybar Comparison
Proper Method for Using H&R Ride Height Adjusters (E36, E46)
Assembly Diagram for H&R Lower Ride Height Adjusters (E82, E90, E92, E93, E9X)
General Info for H&R Coil Overs

Wheel Info Guide - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Wheels
Wheel Spacers - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
How To Measure for Wheel Spacers

Turner Motorsport Product Installation Instructions

E36 Carbon Backing Plates
E46 Carbon Backing Plates

E36 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit
E36 ITS Restrictor Plate
E36 / Z3 Oil Pan Baffle Kit (M50, M52, S50, S52 engines)
Engine Oil Temperature Flange
M52tu, M54 Camshaft Helix Alignment Tool
E36/E46 Oil Cooler Fitting Kit
S14 Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit
TMS Underdrive Power Pulleys
ITG Air Filter Care & Cleaning

E9X 335i TMS Boost Gauge

Turner/Conforti OBD-I Performance Chips
Important information we need from your car.
Turner/Conforti Performance Chip catalog.
What is a speed sensor?
What is EWS and how does it affect my chip?

Shark Injector Performance Software
Shark Injector FAQ
The Shark Injector Instructions (round Injector)
The Shark Injector Instructions (BMW rectangular Injector)
The Shark Injector Instructions (MINI rectangular Injector)
Common Error Codes and Fixes
Getting Your Shark Injector Updated
Shark Injector Applications

Flash Performance Software
Shipping your ECU to Turner Motorsport
F/I-Chassis Turner Flash User Manual

Turner Performance Module Instructions
F10 550i Turner Module instructions
F10 M5, F12 M6 Turner Module instructions
F3X 335i/435i Turner Module instructions
F8X M3/M4 Turner Module instructions

E30 Solid Subframe Bushings
E30 M3 Rack Stop
E36 Solid Subframe Bushings
E36 & Z3 Steering Rack Alignment Tool
E36 & Z3 Front Camber Bolt Kit
E36 & MZ3 Front Fixed Camber Plates
E36 Aluminum / Delrin Differential Mounts
E36 Rack Stop
E36 & E46 Upper Subframe / Monoball Control Arm Bushings
E36 & E46 Adjustable Rear Camber Arms:
        TSU9940001 - Rod-End Style
        TSU9940B77 - Bushing End Style
        TSU9940D88 - Poly-End Style (discontinued)
E46 Fixed Camber Plates
E46 Solid Subframe Bushings
E46 M3 Street Camber Plates
E46 M3 Racing Camber Plates
TMS Rear Trailing Arm Race Bushings

Reinforcement Kits
E30 Rear Sway Bar Lower Link Reinforcement
E36 Front Subframe Reinforcement
E36 Rear Sway Bar Reinforcement
E46 Rear Sway Bar Reinforcement
E46 Front Subframe Reinforcement
E46 Rear Subframe Reinforcement